Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 2 Update!

Aloha wonderful blog followers!

Wow, week two has passed so quickly!  Sometime I don’t even seem to know the day of the week!  We are in such a swirl here, working during the week and having way too much fun on the weekends, and I’m thinking to myself, “Can this really be our new home?”

I’ve been asked to help with some Summer Surge social networking stuff (primarily Facebook) and I need your help!  Please go to Kona Summer Surge Facebook, like and then share with your friends!  Summer Surge is still in need of many skilled labors to come help out on the build, so if you know anyone… J  This campus trains thousands of missionaries each year to reach the nations and facilities here are crowded.  “Help us help more.” Kona Summer Surge
Esther, Josh and Corina had fun at Kids Camp this week and even went on a field trip to some pretty awesome lave tubes.  Bibi and Janey are still helping out with kids camp.

The rest of us have taken on training the Grassroots News Grasshoppers (young reporters, age 6-15).  We had our first class on Thursday, teaching them to do interviews with their ipads or cellphones.  Josh enjoyed being the grasshopper mascot.

On Wednesday night, some dear friends from Spokane arrived for Summer Surge, follow their journey here: (Lachnits in Kona) – We are so excited that they are here!

On Friday, four of us Lienaus, and friends Rachael Burns and Naomi Spezza joined a group of other Summer Surgers on a trip to the active Kailauea Volcano, which ended up being an island tour.  We stopped at South Point (the southernmost point in the USA), a yummy bakery, Black Sands Beach (where we saw turtles), the volcano (which included a hike in the rainforest, lava tubes and lava flats), all that in one day!  We were gone for 10 hours, but most of that time spent in the vans driving!
The next day, Jacob, Anna, Bibi, Joseph and Janey and a group of other students here went cliff jumping at a beautiful place called “End of the World”.  It was so much fun leaping from 15-40 feet and and snorkeling.  I am still amazed that the Lord is allowing us to live here!  But tomorrow we head back to work J  I love working hard during the week and then being able to play hard on the weekends, perfect transition for us.

Today, our whole family went to Living Stones Church  -great teaching and worship right next to the beach.

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