Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lienau Family Move to Kona!

Hello All!

A few people have asked us if we would be documenting our transition from Washington to Kona, Hawaii to work with Youth with A Mission- So, here is our family blog!  

We leave for Kona on July 12th! Only 4 days from today!

Below is more info about our transition/move from a newsletter that Mom (Shari) sent out!

Off to sleep-


Hello friends & family-

It's official ...  As some of you have heard by now -  Just as the Lienau family was happily proceeding with a July move to Kansas City, we were abruptly re-routed in a new direction.

While recently celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in Kona, Hawaii, we had  some unplanned visits with YWAM/ University of Nations, and over the past 4 weeks, to our surprise, delight and sadness, we've heard the whisper of the Lord to become part of the work at UofN's Film Institute for the next season.

This redirection is not really surprising with our 30-year YWAM roots and our clear calling to be working in feature film (not to mention Michael's attraction to volcanoes), but we have really wrestled with letting go our plan to be a part of the IHOP community, The Daniel Academy and close to family and good friends in KC.  

At the point of most confusion about the change of direction, we were fasting and praying and received this word:
Resist the temptation to get into condemnation when things don't turn out as you expected they would.  Those things that you perceive as being mistakes serve to set the boundaries of your spiritual flow.  I would have you pay attention to those boundaries and rejoice in receiving course corrections.  I am with you to keep you on the narrow path to your destiny, says the Lord. 
Proverbs 3:11 My son, do not despise the chastening of the LORD, nor detest His correction. (SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND/MARSHA BURNS)

Our family, friends and trusted intercessors have confirmed what the Lord has been showing us...  The uprooting piece was right, the timing was right, we just got the direction wrong...  Kona is our next destination!

YWAM currently has a surge of young people entering their media and film schools and Michael is very excited to be a part of training students and interns with Grassroots NewsGlobal Virtual Studio and the work of Lokahi Studios, much like we sought to do with our Justice Film Intensive internship.  

Another big draw for us is the opportunity to be involved in the production of a world-class feature film, DAY OF WAR, and the other film projects that follow David Cunningham's mandate to bring the Bible into popular culture through trans-media applications.

We are uncertain how all this will come together, but hope to be in Hawaii early July and are currently praying for renters for our farm on Camano Island.  Details of how all will be covered financially is a matter of prayer and trusting Father, but we know He will provide every thing we need to obey Him in this assignment.   We've been asked to make a two year commitment -

If you are interested in a summer “Vacation with a Mission" - They are looking for construction or IT work to help build out the 30,000 sq ft Global Virtual Studio, Summer Surge You get yourself there, work 4 days/wk and they provide room and board and Island activities for the family.  (min 2 -weeks)

So, while our hearts are partly in KC, our feet will go from Camano to another island, and we hope to be part of the exciting move of the Lord bridging the prayer movement with the missions movement, and our specific mission, Family and the Media/Entertainment mountain.

 Would love your prayer for:
- Purging and packing
- Rental of house/cabin
- Housing in Kona for family by Sept.
- School resources for younger Kiddos
- School provision for older Kiddos
- Wisdom for transition of business
- Continued peace and excitement for kids

Mostly Loving the Adventure:)

~ The Lienau Family