Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Week Four Update!

Week Four Update!

Wow, where does time fly (sorry for not getting this blog post out sooner... Been a busy two weeks!)

I have come to the realization that I have been the only one posting here on the blog...  And it's not called, "Anna in Kona" so I thought that I would have some of my siblings give you a glimpse of what they like here in Kona!


  • My favorite thing about living in Hawaii is the fish and the waves and the fruit. 
  • I miss my friends and family in Washington, because they are awesome people.
  • I like the weather here in Kona. 


  • I personally don't have a favorite thing about Kona, It's all nice.
  • I really like it here.
  • I honestly don't miss anything about home.
  • Kona has become home to me.  If we would have moved to KC or if we would have stayed on Camano, I would have been fine, because I trust in who God is.  I'm neither exuberantly bouncing off the walls at being here nor wallowing in the depths of despair, I'm content. 

I can't believe that a whole month has gone by since leaving Washington!  Time flies when your living God's dream!   Shari, Michael, Jacob and I (Anna) are all busy working with The Film Institute and Global Virtual Studios, also taking on training up the the next generation of TV news reporters, the Grasshoppers! That has been a fun, once a week class.

We have been helping to do some of short Summer Surge update videos, which you can watch here:

Here is one video we did of why Rachael Burns is Surging!

Kona Summer Surge is still in need of volunteers and skilled builders to help finish the project, visit the website for details! Kona Summer Surge Website

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